Extension Services Management Office

The TSU Extension Services is an institutional function that aims to be a champion in community development by strengthening partnerships with public and private organizations and individuals and offering relevant extension programs in line with the University’s academic program offerings, expertise, and resources. All of these are geared towards human security, sustainable communities, and inclusive nation-building.

Best Practices

  1. ISO 9001 certified since 2010.
  2. Uses the web-based Project Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting System (PMERS) to keep track all the extension activities, projects, and performances of the programs or colleges which improve efficiency and effectiveness of the management processes and speed up decision-making with total accounting and management transparency.
  3. Provides customized training and capacity building for the Extension Service Providers.
  4. Recognizes the efforts of extension service providers, individually or collectively, through presentation through In-House Review.
  5. Rewards projects that have created significant impact among beneficiaries.
  6. Creation of four new units focus on the various aspects of the University extension services.
  • The Project Management Unit shall be responsible for the review, evaluation, and processing of extension projects proposed by the various colleges;
  • the Planning and Monitoring Unit shall take charge of strategizing and monitoring the attainment of University’s extension targets;
  • the Extension Affairs and Training Unit shall manage the extension learning and development program for office personnel and extension service providers and other internal and external extension affairs; and
  • the Extension Studies and Publication Unit shall be responsible for managing the conduct of impact assessment and other extension-related studies as well as the production information materials.