The TSU Seal

Trademark registration number:

The marks “TSU”, with registration number 4/2020/00004874, and “Tarlac State University” and the University seal, with registration number 4/2020/00004875, are registered trademarks to the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL). The use of the University seal and other marks is bound by the university trademark policy.

The TSU Seal has the following features:

  1. Shape
    • The seal is concentric. A smaller circle is enclosed by a wider circle. A triangle is designed inside the narrower core circle.
  2. Colors
    • The seal has a golden – yellow background in the outer circle and maroon in the inner circle which represents the colors of the province of Tarlac. These two colors also represent Technological Education which was the original nature of TSU as a technological institution
  3. Designs Embossed on the Face
    • 1906 – Foundation date of the University with the passage of Act 6764 converting TCT into TSU.
    • The triangle stands for stability and represents the interdependent equal tri-functions of the University namely: Instruction, Research, and Extension.
    • Inside the triangle are: Sun (similar to that found in the Philippine flag) which symbolizes the State and the two open human arms which remind us of a person ready to uphold and protect the State.
    • Outside the triangle are: A Gear which symbolizes Technology and Technological development. An Owl which signifies Knowledge and Education; and five V-shaped exhausts/pipes that stand for the University Resources. All these symbols represent the kind of curricular education, training and development offered by the Institution (Arts and Letters, Architecture and Fine Arts, Science and Technology, Business and Accountancy, Public Administration, Computer Studies, Education, Law, Human Kinetics, Engineering, Nursing and all other comprehensive services and programs it may offer in the future).