Human Resourse Development and Management Office

The Human Resource Development and Management Office is the arm of the University responsive to the changing demands of the workforce requirement of the entire institution.

Its mandate is realized through its four divisions namely:

  • Recruitment, Selection and Promotion Unit,
  • Performance Management Unit,
  • Training and Organizational Development Unit, and
  • Employees’ Welfare Unit;

The HRDMO commits to promote equal employment opportunity, meritocracy and fitness, integrity, and moral excellence in all the phases of human resource development towards the attainment of the mission, vision, and objectives of the University.



1.1   To facilitate the efficient recruitment, development, management, evaluation and retention of creative, competent and dynamic human resource to sufficiently satisfy the workforce requirement of the University.

1.2   To spearhead the adoption of university-mandated strategies and HR initiatives for a safe, healthy and environmental friendly workplace.