Admission Policies


  • Must have complete and valid credentials.
  • Must meet all the prescribed admission requirements of the University and the concerned College.
    • Qualifying Test for Transferees
    • Average grade requirement (GWA)
    • Copy of grades signed by the Registrar or OTR for reference purposes.
    • Certificate of Transfer Credential
    • Interview
    • Physical or Health Examination
    • Certificate of Good Moral Character
    • Copy of NSO birth Certificate
  • Must not have any outstanding failure in any academic subjects.
  • Must not have any outstanding failure in any non academic subject (including NSTP).
  • Only students who have enrolled in any course leading to a degree program are admitted as transferees.
    Admission shall be on probation basis during the first semester of stay in the University or until such time as they shall have validated/repeated in accordance with the University policies all the subjects taken outside the TSU which are required for their course.
  • Official Transcript of Record (OTR) shall be submitted prior to admission for the following semester otherwise enrollment will not be allowed.
  • Transferees from SUC institutions shall be admitted and treated as regular students in accordance with the existing policies of the University.
  • Must pledge to abide by and comply with all the rules and regulations of the TSU.
  • Admission of transferees is subject to availability of slot.

Steps on how to transfer

Step 1. Show copy of grades if qualified for admission.
Step 2. If qualified, show complete requirements.
Step 3. Get acceptance form.
Step 4. Go to Dean of College concerned for availability of slot and signing of acceptance form.
Step 5. Proceed to ORA in charge of records for evaluation of subjects to be validated / accredited.

WINDOW 1 - College of Technology, College of Public Administration
WINDOW 6 - College of Business and Accountancy
WINDOW 7 - College of Engineering
WINDOW 8 - College of Arts in Social Sciences
WINDOW 10 - College of Human Kinetics, College of Science
WINDOW 13 - College of Architecture and Fine Arts, BS Hotel and Restaurant Management
WINDOW 14 - College of Computer Studies
WINDOW 15 - College of Nursing, Associate in Information Technology
WINDOW 16 - College of Education

Step 6

a. Get a validation examination
b. Return on the date for the result of your validation examination, payment of validation fee P 20/subject and for signing of papers of concerned authorities.
c. Submit all forms (Indicate OR number, and Amount in the Admission validation form 02)
Have the approved validation form machine copied.
d. Get the admission slip and machine copy of validation form.
e. Come back for enrollment.

a. Fill up accreditation form with the accredited subjects
b. Go back to ORA in charge of records for checking / encoding of equivalent subjects and for signing.
c. Have the form signed by the concerned authorities.
d. Get a slip (Accreditation Fee- P20 / page) from the admissions office to be brought to the Cashier for payment.
e. Indicate OR number and amount in the admission accreditation form 01.
f. Submit accreditation form to the admission office.
g. Get admission slip and be back for enrollment schedule date