Planning, Performance Monitoring and Evaluation Office


Planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of performance are important processes in the entire planning cycle.  Planning is setting the direction of the University. Implementation is putting the plan into action. Performance monitoring and evaluation is taking action in response to actual performance to make outcomes better than they would otherwise be. These integrated processes help us identify the ‘added value’ of our performance to deliver TSU’s key priorities and engage with its stakeholders. This cycle enables us to make effective, well-informed and timely decisions which focus on the outcomes expressed in the TSU Development Plan/ Roadmap. It is essential to the success of TSU and is a vital element of forward planning, risk management and continuous improvement.

Improving the outcomes for stakeholders is at the top of the TSU Administration agenda and the demand for improvement. TSU is faced with a range of challenges and opportunities, with increasingly higher expectations from its stakeholders (CHED, DBM, NEDA, other government agencies, students and parents), and yet this very scenario also provides an opportunity to fundamentally re-think our role, the services we must deliver against those we would like to deliver and importantly how and where they are delivered.

The Offices of Planning, Performance Monitoring and Evaluation ensures that there is an efficient planning system that:

  • Is based on key priorities and objectives and helps to measure the right things at the right time
  • Is used to continually improve how we work together and the way services delivered are performance managed
  • Is based on quality and accuracy of current and forecasted information which produces meaningful measures of how TSU community and services are performing
  • Enables learning from others, learning from our own experiences and mistakes and listens to stakeholders needs
  • Meets the needs of all the people involved in delivering outcomes for the community