Transparency Seal 2013

Tarlac State University (Official Website and Transparency Seal 2013)

TSU Compliance with Sec. 93 (Transparency Seal) R.A. No. 10352 (General Appropriations Act, FY 2013)

I. The agency's mandate and functions, contact information of its officials

a. Mandate and Function
b. Vision and Mission
c. Directory
d. List of Officials

II. Annual Report

a. Statement of Allotment, Obligation and Balances

a.1 FY 2013
a.2 FY 2012
a.3 FY 2011

b. Disbursement and Income

b.1 Disbursement

b.1.1 FY 2013
b.1.2 FY 2012
b.1.3 FY 2011

b.2 Income

b.2.1 FY 2013
b.2.2 FY 2012
b.2.3 FY 2011

c. Physical Plan

c.1 FY 2013
c.2 FY 2012
c.3 FY 2011

d. Financial Report of Operation

d.1 FY 2013
d.2 FY 2012
d.3 FY 2011

e. Financial Accountability Reports

e.1 FY 2013

    e.2.1 Statement of Appropriations, Obligations, Disbursement and Balances
    e.2.2 List of ABM/SARO/Sub-Allotment Release Orders
    e.2.3 Detailed Statement and Unpaid Obligations
    e.2.4 Summary of Prior Years Obligations and Unpaid Prior Years Obligations

f. Annual Report

f.1 FY 2013
f.2 FY 2012
f.3 FY 2011
f.4 FY 2010
f.5 FY 2009

III. TSU Approved Budget

a. TSU Approved Budget
b. Corresponding Targets

IV. Major program projects categorized in accordance with the five key result areas under EO No. 43. s.2011

V. Citizen Charter

VI. Program/Project beneficiaries as identified in Special Provisions in the Agency Budget

VII. Status of implementation and program evaluation and/or assessment reports

VIII. Annual Procurement Plan, Contract awarded and the name of contractor, suppliers and consultants

a. Annual Procurement Plan

a.1 FY 2014
a.2 FY 2013 (Supplemental)
a.3 FY 2013
a.4 FY 2012

b. Contracts awarded and the name of contractor, suppliers, consultants

c. Contract Agreement

d. Notice of Award

e. Notice to Proceed

XI. Aging of Cash Advances

X. Certifications of Compliance

a. Transparency Seal
b. PhilGEPS Posting
c. ARTA Compliance

XI. Others

a. Purchase Order 2014
b. Request for Quotation 2014
c. Status Of Accredited Programs 2013
d. PhilGEPS P.O., W.O and RFQ 2013
e. PhilGEPS P.O., W.O. and RFQ
f. PhilGEPS P.O. and W.O.
g. Job Order Monitoring
h. Work Order 2013
i. Schedules of Fees and Charges AY 2012-2013
j. Invitation to Bid and Request for Quotation
k. University Extension Office Programs for 2012
l. Criteria for Evaluation and Evaluation Forms
m. Basis for rating and ranking performance
n. Budget Accountability Report

m. Ageny Expenditure

XII. MFO Accountability Report Card (MARC)

A. MFO Accountability Report Card (MARC-1)

B. Good Governance Accountability Report (MARC-2)