Thu, Mar 16, 2023

TSU, partner Indonesian university culminates benchlearning activity

The International Inbound Staff Mobility Program between Tarlac State University and partner Indonesian university, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), concluded today (March 16). 


The International Inbound Staff Mobility Program between Tarlac State University and partner Indonesian university, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), concluded today (March 16). 

The closing program in the afternoon featured a "testimonial ceremony" where the ITS delegates and their "buddies" or counterparts from the university conveyed their learnings and experiences throughout the three-day immersion at TSU. 

In his testimony, Mr. Dony Kusuma Hadi shared his impression of the university's systems for its stakeholders.  

“The biggest experience that I have is your adequate system. I believe that in the future, you could do more. [By] Joining the program, I hope that we can achieve our personal and professional goals. Let’s reach excellence in education and innovation together,” he said.  

Furthermore, Mr. Saijidin expressed his gratitude to TSU for the service and hospitality given by the community.   

“I love it when I enter the hotel, people always greet me ‘Good afternoon po,’ 'Good afternoon, sir.’ Thank you very much, everyone. I hope in the future, we can build more relationships,” he emphasized.  

Before the closing program, which marks their final day of benchlearning, Mr. Hadi and his team visited more offices at the Lucinda and Main campuses. 

Among the offices they visited at the Lucinda Campus is the University Research Office (URO), where they learned about the programs, training, and conferences conducted to hone the faculty members' research capabilities. 

Meanwhile, Technology Development, Transfer, and Commercialization Office (TDTCO) Director Dr. Wilmark Ramos discussed their process of inventing and patenting of every research output. 

In the same way, the Food Technology and Research Center (FTRC) Director Prof. Leah Matias showcased the center's equipment and facilities used to produce local products such as herbal tea, smoked fish or tinapa, and chicharon liempo. 

Jumping to student affairs from research and technology services, the delegates exhibited their interest in the Student Affairs Services (SAS) programs. SAS Director Prof. Gherold C. Benitez shared the programs and offerings on scholarships, allowances, incentives, and developmental training. 

Prof. Benitez also learned from the Indonesian delegates, particularly about the extra-curricular internship program, and conveyed his interest in visiting ITS for benchlearning. 

At the Main Campus, the representatives initially visited the Management Information Systems Office (MISO), where office director Dr. Heidilyn V. Gamido presented their accomplishments under the TSU Roadmap E, Wi-Fi connectivity in the three campuses, and the portals used by students, faculty members, and non-teaching staff. 

They also learned about the system used by the Admission and Registration Office regarding admissions and enrollment of international students. 

Mr. Hadi shared during the closing activity that he only had a few questions for the university registrar because TSU, like other Philippine state universities and colleges, implements the Free Tuition Law, where the government subsidizes the college students' tuition and other fees. He hopes to have the same system in Indonesia. 

The delegates' last stop at the Main Campus is at the Office of Public Affairs (OPA) where office director Prof. Jazzel Llaneli M. Manabat elaborated on their functions in establishing good community relations and building the university's image through audio-visual materials, newsletters, and social media presence.  

The delegates will tour around Tarlac tomorrow morning (March 17) before they fly back to Indonesia.