Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Visual Communication

The program is characterised by the process of:

  1. pursuing aesthetic concerns,
  2. using visuals and supplementary sensory devices creatively to translate ideas; and
  3. producing and authoring media and related technologies to express ideas, communicate messages, and raise opinions to elicit reactions and actions from audiences, users, or receivers of information

Program Education Objectives (PEOs)

To produce art and design professionals:

  1. whose creative works exhibit core Filipino values;
  2. who demonstrate high level of competencies in artistic production in local and internationalsettings; and
  3. who are committed to nation-building and lifelong learning,

Departmental Goals

  1. provide for the full development of students’ learning skills and competence essential for a career in Fine Arts through quality instruction
  2. mold complete, confident, critically aware and self-motivated artist-students, with a sense of moral purpose in the practice of their would-be profession
  3. strengthen the curriculum of Fine Arts to provide for the full development of the students’ conceptual and imaginative potential and technical skills which are the basic tools of the trade
  4. enhance awareness and appreciation of the visual arts and culture on the local communities imbued with regional and global perspective

Departmental Objectives

 By the time of graduation the students shall possess the following:

  1. ability to undertake, carry out and, implement their concept-making technical skills and knowledge of theories into actual production in the realm of advertising
  2. ability to apply the different tools necessary in the application of designs and creative
  3. ability to contribute on the management of the impact of aesthetics in connection to environment
  4. through designing creative, which are environmentally friendly leading to nature reducing stress
  5. ability to create and produce promotional strategies that are not only visually attractive and appealing but with a strong purpose that will benefit the common good of the society

Career Opportunities

To mention a few opportunities, graduates may pursue careers paths as:

  • Creative Directors
  • Visualizers
  • Film and Video Editors
  • Art Directors
  • 2D Animators
  • Creative Designers or Consultants
    • Graphics
    • Packaging
    • Corporate Identity
    • Multimedia
    • Visual Merchandising
  • Professional Photographers
  • Photojournalists
  • Storyboard Artists
  • Practicing Artists
  • Gallery Apprentice
  • Curators
  • Cultural Workers
  • Design Managers
  • Copywriters
  • Marketing officers
  • Print Production Practitioners
  • Illustrators
  • Advertising Account Executives
  • Art Educators