GAD-related Seminars, Trainings, Workshops

As part of its Human Development Services and Student Services, TSU-GAD holds gender-responsive seminars/workshops for all University constituents. These activities seek to promote understanding and open-mindedness among the participants and for them to examine their personal attitudes, beliefs, and behavior, and to instill empathy into the views about themselves and the other sex. This is in consonance with the TSU-GAD Framework – “…to achieve the equality of both women and men and their right to enjoy equal conditions realizing their full human potential as active agents of societal progress."
  • Gender Sensitivity Orientation
  • Seminar on Gender and Sexuality/ Gender Awareness Seminar
  • GAD Concepts Seminar
  • Gender-Fair Education Seminar
  • Seminar on Teenage Pregnancy
  • Reproductive Health Seminar
  • HIV Awareness Seminar
  • HIV, Tuberculosis and Hepatitis Awareness and Prevention Seminar
  • Young Adolescence Fertility and Sexuality Seminar
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Seminar
  • Human Rights Seminar
  • Pressure and Stress Management Seminar
  • Mental Health Awareness Seminar
  • Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Seminar
  • Work Ethics and Anti-Sexual Harassment Seminar (WEASH) for Student Interns/On-the-Job Trainees
  • GAD Laws and Mandates:

R.A. 9710 - Magna Carta of Women

R.A. 7877 Anti-Sexual Harassment Act of 1995

R.A. 9262 Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children Act of 2004

R.A. 9208 Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act

R.A. 11313 Safe Spaces Act (Bawal Bastos Law)  

  • Gender-Responsive Extension and Research Seminar
  • Gender and Responsive Planning and Budgeting
  • Gender Concepts and Gender Analysis (GA) Tools Gender Sensitivity Training
  • Use of GAD Tools (e.g. HGDG) for Gender Analysis